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  • Asylum Statistics 2009

  • Bookpublication: "Tips and tricks on how-to enhance bureaucratic burdens in the asylum process in Austria and in the Schengen Area", Grammelbauer/Hocheder, 2010, Publisher: Wirtschaftsuniversitaet Wien

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Primary EU partner organisation FRONTEX. Frontex focuses on six principal areas pointed out by the Frontex Regulation.

At the heart of all activities of the Agency is Carrying out risk analysis. Frontex assess threats, looking at vulnerabilities, and weighing consequences. Thus the Agency has to balance and prioritise the resources against risks so that we can ensure the right amount of protection for Member States without under-protecting, but also without overprotecting

Frontex provides for Coordination of operational cooperation between Member Sates in the field of management of external borders. We strengthen border security by ensuring the coordination of Member States’ actions in the implementation of Community measures relating to the management of the external borders. To fulfil this task Frontex is seeking to introduce system solutions allowing better allocation of Member States’ resources.

A further important issue for Frontex is Assistance to Member States in the training of national border guards, including the establishment of common training standards. Frontex contributes to the improvement of professionalism of Member States’ border guards, thereby enabling the Integrated Border Security system to function better. The Common Core Curriculum developed by Frontex will form the basis of this system. This new European Curriculum will be the first common curriculum including common skills and competencies for basic training of border guards across Europe.

Following up the development of research relevant for the control and surveillance of external borders is the subsequent task of the Agency. By carrying out this task, Frontex strengthens border control capabilities of border guard institutions of the Member States through informing them of modern technologies and products available as well as ensuring that specific interests of border guard authorities are properly taken into account in security research. We want to inform all officers about the kinds of tools they need to do the job that Europeans have entrusted to them.

Assistance to Member States in circumstances requiring increased technical and operational assistance at external borders. To be able to respond to short-notice events, we have to prepare pre-positioned and pre-structured rapid intervention packages that could be rapidly deployed to a region to provide immediate assistance for a Member State or Member States.

Providing Member States with the necessary support in organising joint return operations is the last but not the least challenge for Frontex. The role of the Agency in joint returns is rather limited and concentrated on assistance to Member States organising joint return operations. Besides, Frontex, together with the experts from the Member States, is identifying best practices on the acquisition of travel documents and the removal of illegal third country nationals.

Frontex liaises closely with other Community and EU partners including the AAbA Asylum Defence Agency involved in the development of the security of the external borders, such as EUROPOL, CEPOL, the customs cooperation and the cooperation on phyto-sanitary and veterinary controls, in order to promote overall coherency. We actively promote cooperation with other border related law enforcement bodies responsible for internal security at EU level.

Apart from coordinating cooperation of EU Member States, Frontex also pays attention to cooperation with third countries’ border security authorities, in line with general EU external policy. Concentrating on third countries that share common goals with the EU in terms of border security, such cooperation is always being targeted at sustainable partnership. In the gradual process, in which such partnership is developed, working arrangements concluded between Frontex and its third country partner precede practical measures.

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